2 women punched and knocked to the ground in suspected assault

Police are looking for a man who brutally beat two women in Manhattan, with one of the victims falling to the ground and breaking her hand during the attack.

The first attack took place around 11:30 p.m. March 7 at 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue, police said. A man approached a 32-year-old woman and repeatedly punched her in the face.

After the attack, the assailant threatened the woman by grabbing her hand and yanking her arm, according to police. When the victim tried to escape, the suspect picked her up and dropped her on the sidewalk. Police said the victim tried to escape by grabbing her right arm and she crashed to the ground.

The woman suffered head and neck injuries, as well as a broken hand. She was rushed to the hospital, where she remained Tuesday, in stable condition.

The suspect fled west on Ninth Avenue after the attack.

He left an orange “Wallie” bag in his pursuer’s path, police said. Officers were searching for a “light-skinned male, early to mid 20s, with dark hair, 6-feet tall with a thin build, wearing a light grey, gray hooded sweatshirt, beige pants and black shoes,” police said.

The second attack occurred two days later at 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue.

Around 5:30 a.m. March 10, police say a 32-year-old woman was approached by a man who grabbed her buttocks and tried to sexually assault her. The man ran away before the woman could respond, police said.

The suspect fled east on 17th Street.

The suspect is described as a “light-skinned black male, early to mid 20s, 5-feet-10-inches, weighing about 180 pounds, having light colored skin, brown eyes, and a thin build.”

The suspect has “no scars or visible marks, and was wearing dark jeans and a dark shirt,” police said.

Police were investigating whether the assaults were related, and whether the suspect is connected to the March 5 beat-down of a man walking through an Upper West Side courtyard, during which two men beat him so badly that he spent six days in a coma.

The victim, 37, told police he had never before seen the assailants before. He has a vision problem in his left eye and cannot respond to simple commands.

Police said they were investigating the possibility that the assailants are working in a “deliberate pattern.”

The attacks come just days after the City Council approved a new law making it illegal to be unlicensed, among other things.

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