A Life in Pictures: The Passion Of The Jesus Christ: the

November 9, 2014

So I signed up for “The Passionist” movies-on-demand service Netflix, and it opened up this www.tharphotart.com page that basically says “Everyone is a suspect.” All real crimes on film, and they didn’t even let you watch the trailer yet. Anybody can be killed. The screen says “We are not legally permitted to share the last name of an offender who has been sentenced to life in prison,” but the very first thing that the film reviewer says about “The Passionist” is that “God has vengeance” and “I think there’s some sense of justice.” It’s another facet of this. Even “The Passion Of The Christ” is supposed to be about revenge, when in fact, it’s this crazy story of about a child who’s killed. It’s about man’s desire for revenge, when this is based on a real case. In the New York Times on 20th October 2002, the critic had this criticism: “The Passion of the Christ” is as cynical a movie as you are likely to ever see.”

I saw this film at a special theatre, and there were about 5,000 people there, and the lights stayed up from the first scene. I saw that and I really thought, “My God, these people are crazy.” The film is very violent, it’s very bloody, it’s bloody torture scenes in it, very powerful-it’s a right-wing Christian gospel, in fact, and the audience jumped to their feet cheering when this happened in the last scene, and then applauded wildly after the blind priest killed. “Good for Jesus, good for Jesus” – that’s the last line. Why did they do that? I don’t know.

Everyone got angry. “I don’t want to be preached to!” we shouted. “I don’t want to be touched!”

People came out with the their apron, and they got back in their apron. A youth pastor who was in the audience who lived in Brooklyn saw the screen and was totally offended. He emailed everybody in Brooklyn to his friends, that he was so appalled by it, and he wrote this: “What happened in the P.S.G. Attack!” P.S.G stands for the “Prohibition of the Son of God,” as the attack on the New York Times is called. After that, they got the film online for free, and they put out all the dirty details: that there was a mob, and that is how they killed all these people, they went into a bar full of Christians and started killing people. The final attack was when the blind priest goes in to the bar and starts to murder everyone. The scene as it stands now, without the violence, is a tragedy, because you just see the destruction, but when you see the footage, what you see is the evangelism, the redemption of Christ. As long as the disciples are getting saved, that’s good, as long as there’s a new chapter of history, it’s justified. But when you see the violence there is a strange disconnect. And there are all these leaflets everywhere, with violence under the title “The Passion Of The God” is something we should get rid of, if you want to keep the blood of the God out of our hands.

I don’t know what to think. I don’t want to be preached to. I don’t want my great grandson to see this movie. The way they’re trying to denounce “The Passion Of The Christ,” this man has just died. If you’re going to read a book from God, try to get one, not a few hundred pulp novels about Jesus.

We will never know who killed us, but this is called the crucifixion of Christ. This is what he died for. This is what he did. This is what he was willing to pay for. So it’s basically a lie. He has been labeled “anti-Christian” by some. I just thought it was about a trial.

Myself and some friends actually went to the funeral. I was enraged, I was angry, I felt myself repulsed by it. But I can’t say anything about it. That’s not for me to write about. They said I had to accept the verdict, because I’m his son. This is blasphemy to me. It’s like I have a choice. I have to either go against it and disobey it, which I cannot do. If it’s in my mind that God has to take a stand, I have to go. I cannot treat the Lord like I treated the Holocaust or other things. I’m waiting to take a stand. My life is getting harder now. You can see that from the clouds

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