Adopt President Trump’s Smiling Climate Denier

Famous playwright and children’s author Dr. Seuss once said, “Kids learn tolerance from adults, and adults learn tolerance from kids.” It’s hard to argue with his idea, because we’ve all, along the way, picked up some lessons from our parents that we now apply to our own kids.

That said, when the whole world starts listening to Dr. Seuss, I’d worry. Even more so, when Dr. Seuss comes right out and says—I didn’t build that!

During “Patriotic,” by the Ocean, his latest audiobook from Random House, Dr. Seuss tosses us a bone by addressing some of the more serious issues of his time. That is, create a catalog of woes and lessons for our generation to laugh about—not only from the perspective of the characters, but also for us.

Let’s focus in on topics that are challenging to our students today. More and more kids aren’t taught right from wrong, and now more than ever, kids need to learn empathy and be more appreciative of the beauty and diversity of the world around them.

When this lecture begins (yes, listen to it before you add your blood pressure up), it won’t be long before we begin to hear Dr. Seuss ridicule the Trump presidency and our politicians for minimizing the plight of minorities and sticking up for the rich and powerful.

You know what’s coming next, right? Come on, you don’t want to miss the all out assault on Israel. According to “Patriotic,” Trump, or those actually reading the book, are essentially puppets of Zionists, who are trying to push this genocidal nation out of existence so that it will be easier for the politicians to impose Sharia law on the world, wiping Jews from history and plain old reality!

Yes, almost every sentence when he talks about Israel is the same one that one heard Donald Trump talk about. But, we are learning that Seuss is no different than every other leader in the modern day. Some say Seuss never used real words, but then again, do you remember those who promoted the environmental nonsense called Al Gore? We live in a world where leaders are continually going after Israel, where America and the rest of the world needs to think twice about allowing themselves to be led by critics of America’s greatest ally, Israel.

There is one point that Dr. Seuss gets right in his lecture. America needs a real education about critical thinking and the role that filtering plays in how decisions are made and how one defines victory. I realize that censorship is a hot button issue, and yes it did play a role in Dr. Seuss’ life. But, I wish he had made sure that we had an education about using the right filters to filter out offensive things that America was founded on.

I hope that at the end of the day, I can inform my students about a recent night when they finally got to listen to their country and their government speak out for them. And, I hope they don’t let it go to their heads. We need to do better than that. Don’t believe me? Take a listen to “Patriotic,” now on Audible. Enjoy this school holiday weekend while you can.

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