Barcelona Star Neymar: ‘My friend Alphonso Davies is black’

Written by Staff Writer

Alphonso Davies is a Canadian 18-year-old soccer star who plays for Bayern Munich and is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the game.

His on-field achievements — his recent hat-trick against the Rapids in the Cup of Montreal final helped propel him into the top 10 of the FIFA player rankings — but his work off the field when it comes to becoming the first true “global” soccer star.

In March, President Barack Obama congratulated him on his success, stating, “I hope he continues to develop in Germany.”

Now Davies is taking his star power to the community, too. He joined KFC’s “Live Like Your Dream” initiative — a program aimed at encouraging young athletes to set and achieve their own dreams.

Along with a series of personal interviews, the African American Youth Football League will be showcasing a “career day” on August 11.

According to Brian Nelson, president of the African American Youth Football League, this partnership is the result of an effort to connect through an interest the family and the community has for soccer.

“We started having conversations and conversations and discussions about what we could do to help provide scholarships for families who would otherwise not be able to afford it, giving them the opportunity to see a kid who was this promising kid like Alphonso play in our league,” Nelson said.

He added that the family’s interest in soccer and Davies’ good looks made both sides “very mindful of the fact that if they can do it here, why not in other communities in particular where they’re from.”

In line with KFC’s “Live Like Your Dream” initiative, Davies and the NFL also launched the Football Academy for black and underrepresented youth on July 19.

The first group of students is aged between 10 and 14, and they will receive mentorship from world-class footballers of their own caliber, including MLS League Rookie of the Year Kei Kamara, VICE Media’s Ross Lynch, and Canadian world champion and Olympian Donovan Bailey.

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