Christian aid workers still held by kidnappers in Haiti

Florida-based Christian humanitarian aid group World Vision reported Sunday that three more children had been released in Haiti, bringing the total of the Christian group’s kidnapped employees to five.

The number of children released remains uncertain and officials refused to offer up any details about who agreed to the latest release.

The children were reported freed from the Maranatha home in Port-au-Prince and are expected to be reunited with their families. But World Vision said in a news release that it still lacks details on who is responsible for holding and holding the children.

The number of Christian aid workers taken hostage more than a month ago has been steadily decreasing over the last week as the hostages’ families release “first steps.” World Vision previously identified the first hostages as directors Percy Marcoux, Simone Leroux and Dr. Andriel Remy. Two more hostages were released on Friday, bringing the total to five.

World Vision officials say they remain hopeful that the remaining hostages will be freed soon.

The Christian advocacy group Liberty Counsel said Sunday that the remaining Christian hostages, who work for the Red Cross and Christian relief organization Offa, are to be transferred to Arguineguin, Haiti, at 8 p.m.

“These hostages were seized along with two teenage girls and a ten-year-old boy, two months ago as they worked with World Vision at a local home,” said attorney Jay Sekulow of the organization Liberty Counsel, which represents the families of all six hostage-takers. “Their Christian faith and the prayers of millions of Americans gave them strength and courage to resist their captors, and we have been working with them on a serious of fronts to end this dark episode.”

Liberty Counsel said late Sunday that it was awaiting official notification from Red Cross officials regarding the group’s release.

“World Vision officials will communicate immediately as they learn more about the release of their remaining staff members,” Sekulow said. “The religious liberty of all involved is of utmost importance to Liberty Counsel, and we hope this momentary release of some of the hostages is a sign that all of them will soon be free.

Juan Williams is a Fox News political analyst.

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