Dr. Solin: The TV show Mad Men and IBS

An iconic symbol in our culture, the cartoon cat Wile E. Coyote, boasts a hollow rear with a strip that reads “MILD IBS,”” and “light IBS” while the TV show Mad Men features the slogan “brief IBS, they know it’s you.” For many, IBS is a momentary crisis, like a case of the sniffles or a funny that goes away. But one in three Americans will face symptoms from it, which means that the screen of a barter is a more sophisticated exchange.

IBS is an autoimmune disease that impairs a person’s ability to digest the intestinal tract by causing the creation of uneven deposits of intestinal fluids that disrupt digestion and pass through the digestive tract throughout a single day or two. If left untreated, there are potentially detrimental health consequences to the person suffering from IBS.

The term “intestinal” doesn’t mean that the liquid often causes abdominal discomfort and bloating; it literally means from the anus to the anus, or the anus to the rectum. It is not about feeling the way your intestines feel. Instead, it means that if your digestion is uneven, absorbing nutrients from food and the food it contains is inconsistent or even lopsided. This results in the not quite normal appearance of intestinal tract that appears like a curveball located somewhere behind the colon, causing a person with IBS to be prone to chronic diarrhea.

The gut, according to the 2017 paper “The Biological Basis of Behaviors in IBS,” features not only its desire to absorb nutrients, but it has been recognized that it possesses a complex one, that consists of a large number of microbial cells, among which a large population is responsible for normal digesting and absorption of specific nutrients, which are known as the “glucose neurons.” When one’s stomach is inflamed or one’s digestive system is unclear, those neurons can malfunction, preventing digestion by the body and/or failing to absorb the “glucose neurons.”

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