Energy: Oil Hits a Two-Year Low, Gas Still at Record Highs

President Trump Opens Door for Additional World Domination

Several political leaders are warning of greater pressure on the U.S. and its allies in the coming days, and leading up to the G7 meetings this week, we have a larger picture here of what we could see next regarding Trump’s foreign policy.

Trump Doesn’t See White Nationalism as a Rising Threat

President Donald Trump on Friday declined to join expressions of concern about white nationalism, saying “I don’t, really” when asked whether he thought it was a rising threat around the world. (Published Friday, March 15, 2019)

North Korea holds its first talks in a decade with South Korea Monday, coming a few weeks before the Pyeongchang Olympics. Kim Yo Jong will be the first member of the North’s ruling dynasty to visit the South since the Korean War. North Korea is especially looking to have good relations with President Trump in the lead-up to the Winter Olympics in South Korea. This is considered important for trading. China and South Korea are the largest trading partners for both countries.

U.S. Gas Prices Remain At Historic Highs

Last week gas prices peaked at $2.97 per gallon. (Published Monday, April 16, 2018)

Crude oil futures fell for the third straight week and are now down about 10 percent since hitting a two-year high in March. Shale oil production has also started to slow down, causing global oil prices to soften.

Tensions are expected to rise in a major way this week, including the possibility of multiple missile strikes from the U.S. and the U.K. over the suspected killing of a defector from North Korea. There is also speculation that the Chinese, who purchase most of North Korea’s crude, could increase pressure and cuts.

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