‘Fake arm’ man caught using fake health check

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A 45-year-old man has been fined 30,000 euros (£27,952) after Italian police caught him using a fake arm to dodge a vaccination.

The man allegedly went to several health centres in Livorno and attempted to avoid vaccinations against meningitis and measles.

Upon inspection, officers found a prosthetic arm with a prosthetic hand that looks very similar to the one in question.

The man’s story was that it was part of his service dog, but police said they could not confirm this.

Image copyright DS Image caption The fake arm looked just like the one used in real life, but was not prosthetic, police said

After searching the man’s house, officers found 60 pills, two syringes, and syringes for a syringe, which the man said were his “surgical kits”.

He is thought to have left Italy at the end of March, and Italian news agency ANSA reported that he may have been in Turkey.

Detectives said they identified the man using an image from a fake vaccination card.

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