Haiti hostage release: aid group says three workers to be freed

The Christian aid group Mennonite Central Committee said on Wednesday that three of its staff members held hostage by armed men in Haiti would be released on Wednesday.

Mennonite Central Committee was taken hostage at an airport in the country’s north-west after gunmen shot at a plane carrying members of the group who were there to give health care to hundreds of poor children.

Mennonite Central Committee said that both of the women staff and one of the men held hostage in Haiti’s mountain village of Macolin will be released on Wednesday morning, after three other hostages were released.

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No other details were immediately available about the release.

Five members of the group were taken hostage at an airport in the town of Trèbes after armed men shot at a plane carrying members of the group who were visiting poor children in the mountain village of Macolin.

A Mennonite Central Committee employee told the Associated Press in a phone interview on Tuesday that the gunmen targeted one person but did not shoot the driver of the plane.

Some people living in Macolin said they were suspicious of the motives of the gunmen. Others said the attack was prompted by long-running tensions over land use and drug smuggling.

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