Meet Simon Gregson of “This Morning” fame

FINAL I’m a Celebrity contestants are picked today by ITV’s “This Morning” presenters, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, who meet each selected celebrity in a hotel near Australia.

The arrival of the celebs is the highlight of “This Morning” for three months each year. Holly and Phil welcome each new celebrity to their show, which they are allowed only one mention of on air. These two are so careful about not criticising the celebrities that they won’t show any of their tweets. And if it’s not looked good, they wouldn’t talk about the celeb on TV and would claim that an interview wasn’t done.

I can, therefore, reveal who is the I’m a Celebrity 2021 contestant. It’s not a name we’d seen before:


Simon Gregson is the only “This Morning” viewer to win his own personal airtime during every episode this morning!

Simon is the husband of Hollyoaks’ actress and “This Morning” regular, actress and comedian, Stephanie Waring. Their 8-year-old daughter, Lucie, even has her own airtime to film her own segment every day.

Simon Gregson is an English actor, writer and producer, famed for his role as Steve McDonald on “Coronation Street”. Simon’s biggest screen role was in the comedy film Hot Fuzz, but he is a popular TV presenter too. In 2016, his Channel 4 series, Toff the Dog, was nominated for an Inside Soap Award, and “This Morning” viewers have recognised him more and more over the years.

His first TV role was in the made-for-TV comedy, “Fat Friends”. He then worked in everything from BBC Two to ITV, acting in more than 30 TV and film productions. Simon is recognised as a recognised character actor today, well-known for his roles in the school-management comedy “Made in Dagenham” as well as an ongoing role in “EastEnders” as Todd Grimshaw, best friend of Ben Mitchell.

Simon also does the “Casualty” marathon airtime every week. This means that he has sat on the plane with me and has seen what ITV are booking celebrities for each year!

Simon is also a big sports fan, not just football, so I’m going to have to say a few words to him on the way over to Australia.

Why am I saying this?

Recently, Channel 4 bought back the rights to put the I’m a Celebrity… jungle stars’ “usual” jobs on air to help promote ITV’s show. This makes me so angry!

So, that’s why Simon’s stand-in will have to have his job as a “smothering producer” to help keep the I’m a Celebrity contestants happy and nice during the show.

Simon Gregson

This tweet from one of his fans is an example of what ITV has been accused of:

That’s so unfair. They use the product they produce to sell their product, not make fun of it or reinforce the message of it as I would. — Ali (@Ali_dersey) April 14, 2015

ITV, Via Twitter

Simon’s account responds to his fans’ tweets and readouts on a daily basis, and they send him videos and games about I’m a Celebrity. This is evidence he is making the show much better than it has been before.

He needs to spend a week in Australia next month to really get to grips with the tight-knit bond the celebrities form in their jungle camp and how they bond to the task that they face in their time in the jungle.

Simon will probably have no idea what this show is like until he gets there. He may be delighted at how much of an airtime he has on the show. I can’t predict what he is going to be like there, I can only hope he is polite, reasonable and seems to be enjoying it at all.

He can take it with a grain of salt that he has just topped the daily Most Shocking Episode of 2017. In this same episode, viewers saw a “fan-freak-out” on the fake engagement of Alison Hammond and her husband. I can’t wait to meet him!

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