Rolf Harris trial: Model tells court of alleged sex assault

Written by By Agnieszka Jacobs, CNN

Model and model manager Ghislaine Maxwell, sister of Burberry CEO Christopher Bailey, has told the UK’s Surrey Crown Court her 2007 alleged encounter with alleged “mastermind” Rolf Harris came as a surprise.

“I had never heard of this man or of his life,” she told the court in a segment aired on CNN.

Maxwell was testifying in the trial of British billionaire businessman Jeffrey Epstein on charges of soliciting a minor for prostitution.

The model said she was with Epstein, billionaire financier Bill Clinton and Harris at a glitzy 2013 party to celebrate the end of “Gravity.” Maxwell said the two men had received a “rubdown” — intercourse under the table — from her.

She said she had joined her husband in celebrating with the entertainer.

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“I thought he was somebody I’d just met,” Maxwell said. “It was slightly shock, a little bit of horror — it didn’t quite sink in that he’d been their bumbling, ineffectual blowhard up on stage who didn’t know how to run a show,” she said, referring to Harris, the entertainer who was performing at the party.

The model was testifying about her own sexual encounter with Harris. “He was wearing a shirt, blazer, trousers,” she said. “And then I was out of clothes and out of clothes and out of clothes.”

She said she wore a schoolgirl’s uniform underneath the outfit.

Maxwell recalled Harris “grabbing my behind” and bending her over while they were dancing.

“I was shocked. I thought, ‘I have to do something,’ and I went down on him,” she said. “I grabbed his face to control him and try to calm him down.”

The model said she tried to prevent the TV personality from forcing himself on her and tried to push him away.

“I was frightened,” she said. “I was trying to get out of the room … I ended up kissing him in the door.”

Jeffrey Epstein with his wife Ghislaine Maxwell. COURTESY: ACTUALS>

Maxwell said she was exposed to the other two men at the party, “Bill Clinton, a big muscular man; Jeffrey Epstein, a bald man” who was already a “familiar face.”

Epstein was not there when Harris allegedly attacked her but has been accused of having sex with underage girls, including a minor known only as “Girl B” who claims he plied her with alcohol and forced her to perform sex acts at his Palm Beach mansion.

Epstein’s lawyer has denied that he had a sexual relationship with any minors and said that the former Palm Beach billionaire is free to make the “entire truth known.”

Model’s daughter reportedly was a ‘sex slave’

Maxwell has come under scrutiny in recent months after reports her daughter was allegedly a “sex slave” to Epstein.

The model has alleged her 13-year-old daughter, Georgia, was forced to have sex with friends of her father, the Wall Street Journal reported in June.

The two women, identified only as “Patricia” and “Beverly,” said they weren’t ready to take the stand because of abuse and fear, the paper reported.

Maxwell denies the allegation and has written on her Facebook page: “For those that ask, please feel free to continue believing me when I speak. … I am not a perfect mother, but I am a very good mother and all my children love me.”

Maxwell’s testimony comes as her ex-husband, actor Ewan McGregor, has defended his relationship with Epstein.

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