Signs at waterfront Green P lots can fool drivers into paying for free parking

Many signs at waterfront Green P lots can fool drivers into paying for free parking Signs at waterfront Green P lots can fool drivers into paying for free parking

A committee chairman for Green P draws the attention of council member John Cunningham for some improvement to signs on the lots. Cllr Cunningham has made a motion that will be voted on at the next meeting of the council meeting this Friday and if passed the committee will work to improve signage in the lots next time they have the opportunity.

Cllr Cunningham wrote to Chairman of Green P Committee Roy Heerakkar with his concerns at this week’s meeting.

Cllr Cunningham said: “Even though there are no new parking restrictions in place, I am concerned about the sign at car drop off outside of House Restaurant in the Lantern area and the sign in front of the Empty Blocks, Robin’s Tower area.

He questioned why the signs were there, noting that there is no new Parking Charge of any kind in place, adding that there are easily identifiable restrictions on when vehicles can park in some of the free cars bay at other spots.

“The empty spaces have signs saying ‘Are Not Accepted’, plus another sign in front of Robin’s Tower says ‘There is one reserved for lifeguard attendance, please have filled out an applications form before next visit’, “Cllr Cunningham queried how these signs are attracting new customers when there are clearly limits to the free parking in the other spaces, adding “I appreciate that there are many people who use Green P as a destination for various events,” he said.

Cllr Cunningham added: “I would like an explanation to why they were there and hope you can assess how they can improve them before the next meeting.”

Heerakkar responded that they are looking at options for signage in the Ocean Crescent area.

“This is a best practice for us in terms of how these signs should be produced and we are now in the process of introducing it in the Ocean Crescent area,” he said.

Cllr Cunningham asked if there was any way the same messages could be used in areas such as Green P, Lower Market Street, Tudor Road and the Emirates Airline Stadium.

Heerakkar replied that they would be rolling out a pilot in a few minutes in an area east of the Emirates stadium and asked if this is what was highlighted in the briefing on the signage issues.

Heerakkar said they were looking at ways to improve signage in Ocean Crescent and also said they were currently thinking about ways to improve signage at the Ocean Crescent area.

The chairman said he would need to wait to see the details before reaching any conclusion, adding that they could either change the signage or try a different approach.

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