The parting between CNN chief Jeff Zucker and anchor Chris Cuomo had apparently been brewing for some time

3 January: Cuomo, 36, is terminated after two years working at CNN, but it is not disclosed why

The timeline of events leading to CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s firing

The parting between CNN chief Jeff Zucker and anchor Chris Cuomo had apparently been brewing for some time.

3 January: The news of Cuomo’s departure is first reported by CNN Newsource.

4 January: Cuomo responded to the news on Twitter, with a series of tweets and an Instagram post.

CNN host Chris Cuomo responds to Jeff Zucker firing Read more

4.15 January: Cuomo told Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman that his firing followed an internal fight that included a ban on Cuomo tweeting at CNN colleagues about being fired, and an internal announcement on what went wrong with his performance in the role.

4.50 January: Zucker apologises to Cuomo on air for CNN’s failure to disclose to viewers that the anchor had been fired.

5 January: Cuomo’s brother Chris, a general manager at CBS News, appeared on The Breakfast Club and expressed frustration that there was “very little communication” between him and his brother after Chris was let go by CNN.

Chris Cuomo: my brother Chris as a special correspondent for CNN. Photograph: CNN

6 January: Two days after being let go, Cuomo appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and told the host he wanted to be the general manager of CBS News and added, “My whole life has been about television … I was watching this machine build and was like, why can’t I be one of those gurus, if you will, that can come in and change it?”

6.30 January: The New York Post’s Michael Goodwin reports that Cuomo has accepted a job at MSNBC.

7 January: Cuomo tells her show The Lead with Jake Tapper about his sacking and says CNN was willing to pay him to remain with the network and his hope was to become the general manager.

7.30 January: Cuomo announces his return to CNN on air with his wife, CNN anchor Gloria Borger, by his side.

10 January: Cuomo tells USA Today’s Richard Sandomir that he had been in discussions with CNN about returning. He says Zucker urged him to focus on his new role as the host of CNN’s NY1 New York news network, and talks with Zucker about making Cuomo something of a “superstar” would only occur after Cuomo wrapped up his work at CNN.

This article has been updated to correct Chris Cuomo’s name.

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