Welcome back to the whodunnit: autumn TV preview

David Jason gets a conspiracy thriller. And a new series starring Jimmy Osmond will be a Christmas romp

Westminster (BBC One, 23 September)

Co-produced by Phones4U, the potentially unduly creepy and disturbing conspiracy thriller centred around MI5’s covert dealings with secretive rightwing groups and their new MP Richard Keogh (Rory Kinnear).

Parliament (Channel 4, 23 September)

The third series of Russ Abbott’s must-see title-calling drama. The action moves into the political push and shove that led to the downfall of Theresa May, her cabinet and, incidentally, even a couple of other political leaders.

Riverdale (Netflix, Wednesday, 10 September)

Pierce Brosnan. Photograph: E4

Welcome back to the hit US teen drama based on the Archie comics, set in a small American town in the 1980s. You really do wonder how we got to this point.

Trivial Pursuit (Amazon Prime, 18 October)

The number and quality of people participating in this madcap British quiz show – here starring Rik Mayall, John Bishop and Jack Whitehall – will probably continue to blow your mind.

Can You Ever Forgive Me? (Discovery Channel, 26 September)

Melissa McCarthy is on great form in Marielle Heller’s pitch-perfect biopic of the Paris-based journalist Lee Israel (McCarthy), who chronicled her own downfall.

Netflix Arts series (October)

This unique collection of three-to-eight-episode mini-series, commissions by Netflix and running daily, will find its way into your life.

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