What’s your paytrol role?

Written by S & L Pipes; CNN

The U.S. doesn’t currently mandate paid time off for adults to receive vaccine inoculations. By contrast, the city of New York mandates these vaccinations for every school employee — from the cafeteria worker to the principal, except for pediatric employees — in order to keep public places safe.

While vaccination rates remain low for most children in the U.S., vaccines do often work to protect the overall population. Working adults don’t benefit from vaccine status because they don’t carry a large enough herd-effect, but they can still be immunized if given a nasal or injectable vaccine. The city’s mandate, part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s effort to decrease childhood diseases, aims to also improve inoculation rates in the general community — perhaps even before they occur.

In many cases, this can be done through vaccination reminders — a strategy used by paytrol in the U.S. to enable employees to schedule utility service and snow removal when they need them.

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