With Nearly Two-Thirds of All Canadian Deaths This Season Involved the Flu, Toronto Wants To Vaccinate You

Toronto’s big city campaign for vaccinations says it’s nice to have friends, but you need to get your child vaccinated first.

In a new public service campaign, Toronto is touting its right to override any potentially endangered health of others if its borders fall open and its mother-in-law dies from the flu or its child is seriously affected by the flu.

“That’s our job,” Toronto Public Health (TPH) told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Planet Green. “Our job is to protect people, and when people come into your community, we don’t have a choice whether or not they use the resources around them.”

A photo of a shipwreck is splashed across posters in the billboards throughout the country’s largest city, one urging people to have a “plan B.” The poster also shows a couple arguing on a sidewalk, with people being tugged back and forth as everyone is protected by a giant satellite photo of a shipwreck. The tweet urges people to “Think before you walk.”

“For my children, that would be me asking the mother in law and the kids, ‘Are you guys ready for quarantine?’” the father told Planet Green. “I would think about my kids’ health and their mother-in-law’s health. It would be me in the mom-in-law’s house, and it would be both of us looking after each other.”

Toronto Public Health told Planet Green that “communities have a moral right to protect their own, the others just need to follow suit.”

So far, 21 Canadians have died from the flu this season, nearly double the 12 who died last year. Public health officials continue to urge people to get vaccinated, in spite of a surge in demand.

The campaign is scheduled to run through February 16.

Kimberly Ross Fox is a senior contributor for Fox News Channel. Follow her on Twitter @KimberlyRossFox.

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