Ex-reality TV star Scott Peterson sentenced to death in wife’s death

(CNN) — Embattled former reality TV star Scott Peterson faces another life sentence after his latest conviction in the death of his wife Laci.

Peterson was found guilty Friday of first-degree murder in Laci Peterson’s death, with jurors recommending the death penalty. Jurors had opted for a lesser conviction of second-degree murder, but that conviction could also lead to a life sentence.

“Our verdict today reflects Scott Peterson’s persistent deceit, his carelessness and his abuse of trust,” prosecutors Cliff Hum and Mark Geragos said in a statement. “The team of prosecutors dedicated to finding Laci Peterson are grateful for the community’s continued support and for the jurors’ resolve to see justice served. Today the truth has been made manifest. We have held a murderer accountable.

“The jurors heard the truth. He killed his wife, he killed her unborn child and he killed her parents, too.

“The prosecution’s case of the murders of Laci and Connor Peterson was exemplary. The work of so many forensic experts, the evidence presented at trial and the testimony of so many witnesses illustrates the sheer hate and evil and devastation that Scott Peterson has caused for the last decade. The killer is spending the rest of his days behind bars for what he has done.”

Laci Peterson disappeared October 24, 2002. Her remains were found in December 2002, five months after she went missing.

Convicted of her murder in 2004, Peterson spent more than 10 years behind bars. He was released from prison in April 2011 after his conviction was overturned. He is currently serving his original sentence at Corcoran State Prison in Corcoran, California.


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