Facebook Caves And Bans A Fact-Checking Agency From Reading Their Posts

The news agency says the news about the toll gate scandal, the report of which you heard this week on “Hannity,” is from four anonymous Nigerian sources.

They’re so anonymous the name of the lady who spoke to the news agency is still being withheld. The website is YouTube: “NEWS NIGERIA”.

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Yes! You heard it here first. This:

“Former Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, described the allegation that the African Ports Authority (APCON) granted a concession to MTB Ghana to build a parallel toll bridge in the Lekki area of Lagos State in order to circumvent the ongoing infrastructure projects in that area, as laughable, as well as unmerited. “‘It is absolutely far-fetched, unfounded and nonsensical,’ he said.”

Then there’s this one:

“According to the Head of Media and Publicity of APCON, Allwell Oyinlola, who declined to disclose the names of the retired high-ranking civil servants who were allegedly involved in the scheme, the allegation is untrue.”

APCON told Bloomberg that no bridge is to be built in the area at this time, and Fashola told me his sources are the name and colleagues on the board of trustees of the Nigeria Ports Authority, who are an independent, as opposed to the board of directors of APCON. That board of trustees this year approved the proposed construction of the port at Opuama in Ondo State. It has also approved the project at Onne in Rivers State.

Journalist investigations is one of the mainstays of the American media. The threat of sanctions was a move to intimidate these journalists into being quiet about their findings, but unfortunately it is too late.

When the threat of sanctions occurred, CNN remained the most reliable news agency for America. Those of us who believe the Trump administration is a threat to the freedom of the press – like myself – are trying to understand how that could happen.

One path could be to blame the handmaidens of the moneybags of the Trump administration – the media – or the cheap scoundrels of the press. As we discover more information, the reason becomes clearer.

The good news, we have a few organizations who have not disappeared from print and airwaves. RT.com is one of them. And BUST is working around the clock to expose the ways and means of the spread of fake news and the people behind it.

They are doing such an admirable job they earn us applause from liberal institutions that try to destroy those on the other side of the aisle. Those who don’t want to help us do our job were left speechless when we worked with our allies in the Trump administration – none other than Fox News – for the first two months of our investigation.

I am a liberal ideologue by way of Indian origin, but now the enemies of the United States have launched a systematic offensive against the job done by the truth mongers of America, the truth media, at RT.com and BUST.

After reading about what the “foreigners” have planned for the press – especially Fox News – our founder, Anna Jones, sent my boyfriend a private message on Whatsapp: “Let me know if you want us to stop our work with FB, Twitter and other social networks. I think it’s a good thing we are blocking. I hope they won’t get to see our website.”

It was a bold move by Anna, who says the media has a duty to report the truth. She believes it is our duty to report their lies.

Anna gave me a call, and said: “I want you to know we will continue with the investigation even though people are threatening us with sanctions.”

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