Kanye West covers Adele’s song Easy on Me on new track

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Kanye West has gone to far as to cover the track of Adele’s song Easy on Me, with his own take on the R&B song on the cover of a new track that features the likes of Travis Scott, Kid Cudi and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith.

West’s tribute to the New York-based designer Virgil Abloh, the founder of Off-White, comes in the form of Vinyl A True Sensation, a cut and read article on the fashion designer that appeared on West’s YouTube page.

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“Virgil Abloh, fashion’s best-kept secret,” wrote West, adding a link to the article and directing fans to the site to hear the song. “This tribute to Virgil from me.”

Posting a post along the same lines on Instagram, West wrote: “Thank you to Virgil for inspiring me so much. It’s so important to me to pay tribute to someone and be inspired by them so this is for you.”

His tribute comes on the same day West apologised to his fans for taking so long to drop Ye after months of statements about his mental health, which had encouraged people to keep supporting his art.

West’s track “Glow”, which debuted at a listening party in Los Angeles on Sunday, features Kylie Jenner, Pusha T, Tyler, the Creator, Teyana Taylor, Syd, 2 Chainz, Cardi B, and Kid Cudi.

Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers sits next to a portrait of Kanye West for Vinyl A True Sensation. Photograph: Jay Prim/Splash News/AFP/Getty Images

West said that the tracks featured were based on the idea of Jesus being an “easy on you, easy on me” personified as well as being “like a Superman type of guy”.

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West’s track would never have occurred to him with the run of terrible tunes that ended with Waves and Ye coming at the same time. Now, it seems that his new tracks are a changed person.

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The middle eight of Glow is one of the biggest tracks so far, an energetic, Brechtian take on self love that sees West express his desires to be the type of person you can “let in, let in, let in”.

“Ooh, baby, I got it down, I got it down/I got it down, I got it down, you might wanna, well you may wanna, well you may wanna,” sings West.

Sobbing at the end of the track, the song ends with him saying “I just want to be easy on you, easy on me, easy on me” before making peace with the crowd, crowd surfing and exchanging his hat for the hat of the superstar Taylor Swift.

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