Light! A website gathers pictures of the northern lights moving over Alaska

The Alaska Lights are coming, or at least, the movement of the aurora borealis is.

It’s in early June, but even tonight can kick off the most intense time for the northern lights to make an appearance, and they may last until Wednesday or Thursday night. It is a time when the Northern Lights, or aurora australis, can be seen by pretty much all skywatchers.

If you want to try and catch them, you might want to check the National Weather Service here for predictions, but here are some nifty pictures of the moves being made by the lights by the National Weather Service.

And from the Alaska Integrated Radar Network, here’s a closer look at what the pictures mean.

Get out those camera lights and find the best hiding spot (if possible) because things could be very interesting, especially on the last night. With both the Earth and Sun are getting closer together, things are starting to heat up.

Here’s just a taste of what could be coming our way.

So, happy trails.

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